Audio storytelling – material for adult learners and adult educators

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Adult educator readings in Lithuanian language based on Bruno Ferrero texts.

Storytelling is a way to keep up and empower the joy of participating in a community, and especially in an educational community. Storytelling can lead participants to feel the joy of learning and discovering their experiences and real needs in a creative procedure.

You can listen to explanations about storytelling as a non-formal learning tool.

Each story presents something important to all of us. Below you can listen story about mutual support.

Narrative storytelling is a non-formal learning method to analyze own experience.

Stories provide opportunities for more meaningful life and relationships. When people tell their stories, they distance themselves from their traumatic experiences and become aware of how to make a better future. By creating this distance, people find the opportunity for a more meaningful life.

Stories help people to understand what is happening in their lives, what happened in the past,
and what it means for their future.

Educators can use storytelling to bring out the competencies and skills of learners. Storytelling helps learners to take an active role in the learning process rather than passively receiving information from instructors.

Storytelling skills could be learned and successfully used not only in daily life but as one of the tools of non-formal learning. Nowadays, when we are overloaded with information we have to choose attractive and useful tools for adult education.