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Back to Normal: Building resilience after Corona

How to go through loss and grief?

Losing someone during COVID- 19 was a unique burden. Even those who have not lost someone directly to COVID-19 may be grieving other types of losses, ranging from time with loved ones to meaningful employment to a sense of a just world.

How to take control over your health: eating habits and exercise routine

It is possible to achieve and maintain a healthy weight through a healthy diet combined with physical activity, which can reduce your risk of chronic health issues and can promote general health, wellness, and a better quality of life. You don’t have to struggle if you are trying to maintain healthy eating habits.

Coping through stress with meditation, mindfulness, and positive thinking

Mindfulness, meditation, and positive thinking are obviously beneficial tools for you. To
regulate the personal emotional level the best thing is to try it out yourself. It will help you to get rid of any negative emotions and feelings. It will also make you feel more confident in yourself.

Listen and give support: social communication

Many people have implicit beliefs about emotions. These beliefs operate outside conscious
awareness, and strongly determine the way people cope with their emotions.
Want to learn exercise building your emotional awareness? Check here.

Read some stories of stress and resilience during COVID


The story of Annelies (The Netherlands)

Lecturer at the University of Amsterdam

In 2018 she graduated cum laude from the University of Amsterdam, and the University offered her a position of a junior lecturer. She was thrilled to accept this position, and started working there with enormous enthusiasm and energy. The students loved her, the colleagues were giving compliments to her expertise and her ability to create a friendly and creative atmosphere in her class. 


The story of Stefano (Italy)

Red Cross volunteer and consultant

This is the background to the story of Stefano, a Deloitte consultant and volunteer of the Italian Red Cross, who in recent weeks has entered into the heart of the action, combining his work in the company with shifts as a rescuer for a Covid ambulance operating in the Bergamo area, the area most affected by the virus. An experience that marked and hardened him and that he wanted to tell us about through his precious point of view.

Patient consulting a doctor at the hospital

The story of Danute (Lithuania)

Retired teacher

I consider myself an active and social person, who prefers to spend as much of my precious free time as possible outside. During the global pandemic, we were all deprived of the possibility to freely choose where to go, what to do and with who to meet. This meant that we were restricted to stay at home and be separated from community. For me it was utmost stressful and hard to cope with. Today I want to share with you what helped me to stay mentally healthy and happy during those times.


The story of Anna (France)

School teacher at lycee in Nice

In May 2020, I met with a friend of mine who was voolunteering and proposed me to join a team of “COVID-19 volunteers”, in order to Le Resto du coeur to provide food and assistance to the people in need. I realised the importance of communication and helping the elderly. When I discovered that in my area there were more than 450 citizens over 65 years old and living alone, I decided not to isolate myself from what was happening and that is how I started to get involved in voluntary activities.

About project "Back to normal: Together for health and well-being".


We have created

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Why useful story telling?

Professional psychiatrist consulting her patient and making notes in application form

The process of creating and sharing narratives is a transformational tool for building resiliency. Recently, narrative has emerged as an important concept in dealing with trauma.

FR man

Narrative resources enabled grieving people to acknowledge the value of their perspectives and re-engage in life in affirming ways, reject confining scripts for “appropriate” grief and co-create new ones that felt true to their own experience.

Group of people performing tree-pose yoga exercise in the fitness studio

Experience is everything.
Recognizing the possibility for restoring the fabric of a normal life following the period of crisis involves acknowledging the traumatic experiences. Our storytelling constitutes our identity, our values, our memories, and our experiences.

Narrative therapy capitalises on our storytelling tendencies. Its goal is to uncover opportunities for growth and development, find meaning, and understand ourselves better through telling stories. Narrative therapy is a method of guiding people towards healing and personal development using the stories we tell ourselves and others.

Watch stories.

How pandemic changed my life?
What was the worst during Covid-19 pandemic?

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