The story of Anna (France)

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School teacher at lycee in Nice

With the rapid emergence of the COVID-19 virus in France, many people have felt particularly vulnerable, lonely and isolated. These feelings are often shared by older people who, due to the crisis, need more assistance and support.

When the pandemic broke out, Anna (27), a young primary school teacher at lycee in Nice, decided to join the regional Le reso du coeur as a volunteer. She wanted to support the elderly, people in need such as refugees and people with disabilities in her community by distributing food kits and awareness brochures to overcome the challenges posed by the crisis.

“In May 2020, I met with a friend of mine who was voolunteering and proposed me to join a team of “COVID-19 volunteers”, in order to Le Resto du coeur to provide food and assistance to the people in need. Also, talking with my grandmother, I realised the importance of communication and helping the elderly. When I discovered that in my area there were more than 450 citizens over 65 years old and living alone, I decided not to isolate myself from what was happening and that is how I started to get involved in voluntary activities”.

Anna’s involvement was quite diverse, she carried out interviews and questionnaires with people in her community, then she started fieldwork.

 “In particular, I help unload the goods that arrive in the NGO premises. Then, I personally deliver the food kits to single people and people with disabilities, I discuss with them and inform them about other possibilities of help they can receive. I understand that my contribution to the common cause of the fight against the coronavirus is very modest, but what matters is to start making a difference on my scale”.

“This volunteering experience is a new chapter in my life that inspired me for the rest of my professional activity. I intend to organise and implement projects with the aim of helping precisely the elderly who have been left alone”.

Anna believes that volunteering is an important feature in times of crisis. Hence, by putting the well-being of others first that we ultimately have an impact on our community and, more generally, on society in order to get back to normal.