Control over your health: eating habits and exercise routine

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Nutrition advice

We all have some eating patterns depending on our culture, family habits, knowledge background on nutritional good habits and economic or social situation. This doesn’t always explain our habits since our metabolism and health needs are different and require ideally a specific adjustment/approach. Many others parameters are interfering. For example, our psychological state could influence in our daily plate. Radical changes are neither healthy nor successful on a long term.
The nutritional advise today is to balance and adjust our eating habits progressively, considering our metabolism and needs with a medical monitoring ideally, in order to make these changes successful in the long run.
One theoretical approach to improve the eating pattern is based on Reflecting on bad and good eating habits-Replacing the bad ones by the healthier ones and Reinforcing the new eating habits. This process takes time and requires a strong will to understand the benefits of such a change. The diversification of the food chosen (variety) but also the source of the food (quality) are two important parameters also to consider if we want to feed our body correctly.

Physical activity

There is clear indication that people’s lives is improved by engaging in physical activity.
Thus, promoting a physical activity-based lifestyle among people and communities can be viewed as a key objective of our post-Covid19 societies. Yet, various researches have shown that a significant portion of people are not properly engaged in physical activities.

Sports habits and the reasons why you can chose them.
Regulatory motor growth of muscles, bones and joints, risk of injury, including fractures. Walking improves mood, helping residents with depression and anxiety. Walking at a good pace develops your heart and lungs. It has been proven that the more people walk, the lower the mortality rate.

Speaking about eating habits, we believe that eating habits largely depend on mental health. You need to be able to hear what our body really wants: chocolate or endorphin, wine or just sleep. If we are healthy psychologically, then we don’t need any special eating habits. Therefore, first of all, you need to strengthen your psychological stability.

Biking literally makes you smarter!

-increases balance, builds endurance and stamina, increases flexibility, defines shape and muscle tone, increases cardiovascular fitness, improves coordination, decreases stress levels, reduces anxiety and depression, makes you feel good and gives you more energy to do other things throughout the day. Increases blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to your brain, therefore increasing gray matter.Reduces the risk of certain diseases and health problems, such as heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes.

For elderly people physical activity is important not only for well-being, but for possibility to stay as long as possible independent in daily life.

If for the person is difficult to be active because of illness he/she can do simple daily activities, plus include extra physical possible activities.

Physical activities for adults can be different and depends on needs, wishes, and physical endurance. However, it is not needed to go the sports school to be physically active. It is easily possible to create your own sport activities that can be fun and easy for you.