Support from friends and family  


Talking with friends or relatives might give you a sense of relief. Verbally expressing how  you feel can sometimes release some of the inner turmoil you might be experiencing.

Sometimes you might not feel like talking but instead prefer to have silent company. Expressing your needs to others can allow them to help you in the way you feel is best for  your situation.

Support groups 

Engaging in support groups can be helpful too. There are local support groups as well as  online support groups. You can connect to others in the group who have gone through or are  going through similar losses. They can direct you to further resources as well. Support groups  can also become a safe space where you can express yourself without feeling judged or  pressured if you feel that might be the case when talking to somebody else.

Mental health professionals 

Grief counseling and therapy are two ways to work with a mental health professional who  might support your own process.

Your primary care doctor might be able to offer some support or guidance. You could try  searching for a local organization that provides grief counseling. Calling them directly might  give you access to some of this information and their specific grief support services.

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