How to help someone who is grieving? 


  1. Listen

Perhaps one of the main legacies from Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and her work is the importance  of listening to the grieving person.

You might have the best intentions and want to provide comforting words. But in some  instances, the best support comes from just being there and making it clear that you’re  available to listen to whatever — and whenever — they want to share.

It’s also important to accept it if your loved one doesn’t want to talk with you. Give them  time and space.

  1. Reach out

Not everyone knows how to comfort others. It might be intimidating or overwhelming seeing  someone you care about have a rough time. But don’t let these fears stop you from offering  help or from being there. Lead with empathy, and the rest will follow.

  1. Be practical

Look for ways to ease the weight off your loved one’s shoulders. Explore the areas they  might need help managing while they process their loss. This could mean helping with food  preparation or grocery shopping, organizing their room or house, or picking up their children  from school.

  1. Don’t assume

You might want to verbally offer your support and be attentive to whatever they tell you  might help them feel better. But avoid assuming or guessing “which step” of the process  they’re going through at the moment.

A smiley face or no tears don’t necessarily mean they’re not grieving. A change in their  physical appearance doesn’t mean they’re depressed. Wait for them to express how they feel,  if they’re ready, and go from there.

  1. Search for resources

You might have the clarity of mind and the energy to browse local support groups and  organizations, call an insurance company, and find a mental health professional.

The decision of reaching out for this kind of help is, of course, entirely up to the grieving  person. But having the information at hand might save time whenever they’re prepared or  willing to take it.

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