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An infodemic – or information epidemic – is defined as an overabundance of information, including false or misleading information, in digital and physical environments during an emergency.
This has been particularly acute during COVID-19, as false and misleading information has reduced the impact of evidencebased responses that governments and health authorities have made to curb the pandemic. Exposure to false information – both online and offline – has been linked to increased health risks as a result of harmful behaviours, such as using unproven, ineffective treatments, and not adopting recommended protective measures, including vaccination and maskwearing. The confusion sown by the COVID-19 infodemic has also led to worsened mental health and emotional wellbeing, and a drop in trust in healthcare authorities.

Several digital innovations have been developed to respond to the infodemic, for example,
● Trust or not, how you can check misinformation;
● How we do communicate, using one communication-rich environment and social listening tools;
● To know more about social communication, essential elements, know challenges, resources and remote learning;
● What is the mental health connected with the public health: how to support mental health and the many ways to communicate it.

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